continue relax. calm down. release.

Relax. Calm down. Release.

there is an energy
that flows within my center:
a nightly healing mode.

what am I perceiving? what do I judge?
my inner process reveals my very truth.

I do nothing.
and all of a sudden
knowledge emerges from my core.
core is coeur is... heart!
I open towards it and perceive
that what IS.

I know:
permeability will enable me to discern
finest impulses within my environment.
and I know:
I then will find the perfect response
from... within!

so I let go. sink. release.
no panic but: muse.

close my eyes.
stop thinking. lie down.
hear the rain fall.
feel the sun on my stomach -

stomach. my center.
my palace of power... I almost forgot...

feel the sun on my stomach.

good, that I remembered it.


I'm off now... drawing some strength...