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here are some resources I find helpful in the process of ✻ widening your awareness and ✻ focussing your intention:

✻ J. Krishnamurti

Attention is not concentration, which is confining, limiting.
Total attention is inclusive, never exclusive.

✻ F. M. Alexander

You should give up the idea that you have to do something in order to make things happen.

✻ What the Bleep...

A wonderful film that dives deeply into the mysteries of life. You can see it - as far as I understood - entirely on youtube:
→ What the Bleep...

✻ Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is a very basic process - is simple and sophisticated at the same time. In that sense it resembles Haute Cuisine which turns frugal ingredients into delicate dishes - always depending on the cook's skills.
The technique itself is easily explained:
  1. Frame a clear intention*.
  2. Touch something that is/presents the issue with one hand (= point I).
  3. With your other hand touch something that has nothing to do with the issue (= point II).
  4. Concentrate and feel every sensation you get from your first hand.
  5. Concentrate and feel every sensation you get from your second hand.
  6. Now simultaneously become aware of both hands and the associated feelings. Hold these sensation for several seconds in your awareness.
  7. You will experience a sensation of calm and peace. This is the third point.
  8. Now link all three points (hand I, hand II and the peace-feeling) in your awareness and hold them there for some moments.
  9. Consciously exhale.
  10. Done.
* The frame a clear intention part may be a bit tricky. Don't overdo it. Sometimes it is just wise not to be too specific - not so much because this technique will not work but rather because it may work just too well. Our human mind is often quite narrow - so beware making it steersman. This is why a framing such as I want a beneficial outcome for all who are involved this situation. may be advisable, because it gives room for some higher instance to decide which is best.
So far I did not find any non-commercial instruction videos on the web, Dr. Kinslow's videos are interesting, but I personally dislike his and now book my seminars attitude. Anyhow, here is the link:
→ The Science of Quantum Entrainment